Update on Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Update on Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

A pilot program to attract more skilled immigrants to Atlantic Canada and retain them is gaining significant interest from employers.

To date, almost 200 employers have expressed interest in the program, with over 50 being formally designated. Under the pilot, employers play a key role, with responsibility to help with the recruitment of immigrants and their successful integration into the community.

Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and the Honourable Donald Arseneault, New Brunswick Minister for Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, met today to discuss progress on the pilot and next steps.

Provinces will be responsible for designating employers to participate in the pilot, and in endorsing applicants who can apply for permanent residency.

Provinces will also have an enhanced coordination role in facilitating connections between employers, settlement service providers and other government services.

IRCC is now accepting permanent residence applications for three programs under the pilot: the Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program; the Atlantic High-Skilled Program; and the Atlantic International Graduate Program, aimed at international students.

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